Moab UT

Moab UT

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thea-isms and other ramblings

Katherine was reading a book about cowboys to us the other day and she came to the word "bunkhouse".  Katherine said "Mommy, what is a bunkhouse?"  Thea quickly replied "It's where the horses sleep in their bunk beds".

Thea threw up a little the other night and Katherine came in to report the incident.  When I asked Thea what happened, she said "Nothing mommy, I just hicked up my water".  

Tee hee hee.  I love my girls.

We've been a little quiet around these parts.  We're working hard on homeschooling and getting our new home habitable.  It's been raining quite a  bit here in the south.  Everything looks so green and lovely.  The flowers are giving us one last show.  

I've temporarily lost motivation to write on my blog lately.  We're all tired and quiet at the end of the day-including myself.  It's a good thing, I think, especially for the soul.  I've noticed that when we work hard throughout the day, there's not much time for idle chatter, squabbling and trouble.  This is good.

My kids are much better behaved and happier when we keep busy with good things.  I am vehemently against filling a child's day with extra curricular activities, however, keeping busy with productive things is different.  I see many children who go and go and go, moving from one event to the next and have no "down time" with books or prayer or even a meal with the  whole family.  I see this as being far more destructive for children than most parents think.  

I do, however, think that keeping children "busy" by inspiring them to read or create, pray and helping within the home is a good thing.   I learned this the hard way this past summer.  I allowed us to have too much free time and my children fought more than they ever have.  

Off to play the Lady Bug game.  A blessed week to you all!