Moab UT

Moab UT

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Winter Wonder Land

We finally had our annual snowfall here in Texas.  I think we got around 6 inches and for us that is deep!!  
The girls were in snow heaven.  

Monday, March 10, 2008

Forgive me

Today is the first day of Great Lent  in the Orthodox Church.  For the next forty days, we will abstain from meat, fish, dairy, wine and oil.  It is meant to be a time of reflection, repentance and forgiveness.  

Last night we ended our day with "Forgiveness Vespers".  This is a beautiful and for many a very emotional service.  After the vespers service, each person in the church prostrates before every member of their congregation, individually, and asks "forgive me" the other person also prostrates and then responds with a threefold kiss and says "God forgives and I forgive."  There is simply no better way to begin the fast than with Forgiveness Vespers.

My Bishop once said that  when we sin we sin against man and against God.   Therefore when we ask forgiveness, we must ask forgiveness from both God and man.  To me, this act is beautifully manifested in the sacrament of confession.  Confession is both frightening and refreshing for me.  There is nothing like audibly confessing one's sins in the presence of a priest, the Gospel, the cross and of course God Himself.  It is hard to step up, push aside one's pride and begin to divulge the dark places in one's heart.  But it is also comforting at the same time.  To lay aside the world and place one's complete trust in knowing that God is ever waiting to embrace and mend our marred and torn hearts even before we begin our confession is an "altar call" par excellence.  

The Great Lent is like one big confession for me.  It is a time when I am asked to dig a little deeper into my heart, while giving a little more of myself to other's–in every way.  It is challenging  and good in the purest sense of the word.  

So, please forgive me!  Have a blessed lent!

O Lord and Master of my life, the spirit of idleness, of despondency, of love of power, and of idle words, grant me not. (prostration)
But the spirit of continence, of humility, of patience, and of love, do Thou grant unto me Thy servant. (prostration)
Yea O Lord and King, grant unto me to perceive mine own offences and not to judge my brother; for blessed art Thou unto ages of ages.  Amen. (prostration)
(Then 12 bows to the waist while saying:)
O God, cleanse Thou me a sinner and have mercy on me.
-Lenten prayer of St. Ephraim

Friday, March 7, 2008

Because every event deserves a new outfit...

"O.K. girls, let's take a walk to the square!"

Five minutes later.  "Thea, are you not coming?"  
"Yes mommy, I was just getting dressed."   

Katya and I felt sorely underdressed in our sweats and tennis shoes.

Um, how about a pretzel Zoe?

The other evening I was preparing dinner and Zoe was hungry and wanting attention.  Papa was working and the sister's wouldn't do, so I grabbed her a pretzel out of the pantry and that seemed to make her happy.  As I was putting dinner on the table, this is what I was greeted with in the dining area.

Seems Zoe quietly helped herself to the ENTIRE bag of pretzels.  Seems the big sisters are teaching her a few tricks already...