Moab UT

Moab UT

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Close call

Well, we had a close call on the farm today.  (We don't really have a farm, but I like to dream.)  I went out to feed our chickens and the coop door was open (from the night before) and all the chickens were missing.  I looked around for them (we live on a little over an acre and about half of it is thick with woods and privet).  When I realized that the chickens were gone, I came in to tell the girls.  I knew this would be a hard blow-especially for Katherine who sees them as her personal pets.  

However, one of the three left the coop door open and needed to be taught a lesson.  After I told them what I had found, Katherine was simply convinced that they had to be someplace close by.  I told her with the raccoons, fox and dogs, the chickens probably weren't coming back.  
Undeterred, she pulled on her boots and went looking.  I was amazed when she found five of the six.  We found evidence that one had been eaten.  They are all missing quite a few feathers and looked a little frazzled (well, chickens always look frazzled to me) but they are home now.

I was so thankful that we found the five.  It would have been really sad to lose all six, but I think having the scare and losing one of the chickens was a good lesson for them.  I was also glad that Katherine had the tenacity to keep looking.  I am often guilty of giving up too easily.