Moab UT

Moab UT

Thursday, May 7, 2009

One of those days...

Today is Fr. Justin's day off.  Unfortunately, over breakfast we went over the list of things that really need to get done, soon, as in today.  

Fix stove.
Fix air conditioner.
Clean out chicken coop.
Clean out shed and get summer clothes out.

As we were looking over the stove trying to figure out the problem, we realized how long it had been since we had cleaned it.  Zoe, our two year old, quickly summed it up for us:  "Oooooh, mommy, thas gwoss!"  

My response:  "Um, yes dear, thank you.  Perhaps you all would like to watch a movie while papa and I spend the next three hours scrubbing our stove and trying to make it work again."

Katherine was totally scandalized that Fr. had waited until his day off to "take care of mama's stuff" and wasn't planning on offering his entire day to his children.  Sounds like she made her point.  He and the girls are off doing something together at this moment. 

Oh well, at least we have our stove fixed.  As for the rest, I'm sure it can wait.

Thanks my love!