Moab UT

Moab UT

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ Women's Monastery

I have yet to write about this exciting and holy work that is taking place here in the DFW area, but there is no time like the present.  The Lord has finally blessed us with a monastery!  This is an answer to many, many years of prayer.   Sister Barbara has been chosen and given a blessing by Metropolitan Jonah and Vladyka Dmitri to start a women's monastery here in the area!!!!

This is most wonderful news for us here and for all Orthodox, as you don't need to live close to one to receive their blessing.  They are called to pray for everyone, whether you can visit or not. 

"The monastery is a place set apart from the life of the world, yet located in the world.  A place where monastics gather that have dedicated their life to the love and service of God and their neighbor.  In the daily cycle of prayer, work, and service to God and man, the monk attracts and seeks to acquire the grace of God.  In simplicity and silence, living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the monastery becomes a spiritual haven for others to receive "a drink of water" in the name of Jesus Christ.  As visitors come and are renewed by stepping away from their world for a short time, they in turn take the grace they have received into the world they live and share this blessing from God."  ~Taken from the monastery website.

Fr. Justin and I, along with our girls, have always loved visiting and supporting the monasteries.  It is a joy and a great blessing to receive the hospitality and great wisdom of the monastics.  

If you are anywhere near a monastery, go and visit!  You will be blessed!  Even if you have to drive for a couple of days to get to one, make it a regular family pilgrimage.  Your children will be blessed!

The monastery here in the DFW area has found a wonderful piece of property with a home that would be perfect for the sisters.  Please pray for them!  Pray for Sister Barbara and that the monastery will raise the funds needed for the rest of a down payment (they only need 10,000.00 more dollars!!!!! That's not much money!)  If you feel so inclined, visit their website and donate to help them get their property and home.  

Then, put it on your calendar to come and visit them!