Moab UT

Moab UT

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sticker Shock

I am a home body.  I have never denied that for one minute.  The challenge is that I homeschool three little girls and at least one of them would go 24/7 if I let her.  So, when Katherine mentioned to me the other day that we had not really done much outside the home this summer (in addition to our vacation to the N.W.) I knew she was speaking the truth.  In fact, I had just been having this conversation with Fr. Justin.  

 So, I quickly realized we needed to fit a couple of fun things in before we start school again.   I decided we should get to the water park a few more times; go to "Build a Bear", Thea's godmother graciously gave each of the girls a gift card there for Christmas, and a few other things.  A friend recently recommended that we go see the new movie "Ponyo".  So, with Fr. Justin at the monastery this week I thought a matinee would be a good idea for us girls.

I should back up and tell you that I don't remember that last movie I saw.  I don't have anything against going to the movies, but I just find most films total garbage.  Fr. and I stopped renting movies long ago.  I'm sure there are plenty of good films to see out there, we just haven't made the effort. 

Anyhow, so this morning the girls and I have our toast and coffee and I decide at the last minute that a 10:45 matinee and lunch out would be a nice surprise.  So, we rush out the door and get there just in time.  We hit the bathroom, and file in line to get popcorn.  Several people had come running in behind us and everyone was anxious to get their goodies and settle in to see the film.  I tell the kid behind the counter "I need four small popcorns, the little ones there."  

Kid:  "That will be $19.50 please."
Me:  Staring at him, thinking he was talking to someone else.
Kid:  "That will be $19.50 please."
Me:  "Oh, I just ordered four small popcorns."
Kid:  "Yeah, I know, that will be $19.50 please."  

At this point everyone in the line is getting antsy.  I could not wrap my head around four tiny bags of popcorn being $19.50!!  I was in shock to say the least.  

In fact, I was in such shock that I shelled out $19.50 for four small bags of popcorn!  If I had been of sound mind, I would have said "That is insane, we'll share one bag."  But I was so shocked and of course everyone was staring at me at this point including my own three puzzled girls.  

I walked away and said to myself  "O my gosh, Papa is going to flip out."  (Mind you, he really won't flip out, he'll probably be just as shocked as I was.)  The look on my face must have been funny because Katherine said "Mommy, are you OK?"  "Yes, honey, I'm fine, just a little surprised by something."  (Thankfully I remembered to pack the water bottles and graham crackers!)

So, I stumble to my seat and begin to think of all the things $20.00 would buy.  Like the lunch we were going to have after the movie, or a few new cabinet pulls for our new house we are about to work on...

Now, I don't regret spending the money on the girls.  They had a blast.  We never go to the movie theater, so this was a huge treat for them.  And you know, this is just the way I want it to be for them.  I don't want them seeing these types of outings as something else to do.  Hopefully, they will have a greater appreciation for the little extra things we do for them.  Say, for example, $19.50 worth of popcorn!  ;)