Moab UT

Moab UT

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Photography has become a popular past time in our home as of late.  Katherine received a digital camera from Grandma and Grandpa Ocean a couple of months ago and has been taking pictures of everything in sight.  
So, since Katherine loves taking pictures, Thea has now cultivated a love for photography as well.  
The other day when Thea bonked her head on the coffee table, I took a picture of it for my blog.  Thea agreed to the intrusion of privacy by saying that I could take a picture of her head if she could take a picture of me.  I agreed.  

Snap goes the picture of her and then she took a few minutes to contemplate her shot of me.  Once she figured things out, she had me sit in our bathroom, under the window.  She said things like "that's really nice mommy".  I let her take a few shots and then called it done.  She, of course, wanted to see her work and so I showed her.  "Perfect" she said.  "What makes it perfect?"  I asked.  

After studying the picture of me for a minute or so, she said "See the frog, he's perfect."  

So, if you look to the left of my head you'll see the frog balancing on the towel hook.  

Perfect indeed.