Moab UT

Moab UT

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ahhh, my precious little ones...

So, most of you know that Fr. Justin and I have decided to adopt.  We feel very strongly that this is God's will for our life.  We are looking forward to this journey.  I'm sure that you all will be hearing about the good, the bad and the challenging over the next few months/years, who knows. We are optimistic and full of hope for our future child/children.  I'm sure we will have our hands full-well actually we already do, but we are ready for more kids to love on.  

Having said that, I'll go ahead and start Chapter one.  I'll call this chapter "The Ball".  

Well, Fr. and I went to our orientation (step 1) meeting last week for adopting through the state and we are now ready for step 2, the classes.  So, I was on the phone talking with a lady who works for the state about our plans, our hopes our excitement about adopting.  Meanwhile, the girls are running around the house playing.  I was finishing up my conversation when I hear Thea crying the cry that means she is really hurt.  So, I ran into the living room and am quickly trying to wrap up the conversation and blood is dripping out of Thea's hair (all the while trying to remain calm on the phone.)

Katherine, the excitable one, is screaming "She's bleeding! she's bleeding! Mommy, she's bleeding!", which in turn is making Thea cry harder.  The lady on the other end is saying "Is everything alright there?"  

Me:  "Huh", oh yes, everything is fine...I think I should go for now.  I look forward to meeting you soon!"  click.

So, I rush Thea to the bathroom to find a nice little gash in her head.  Fr. and I agree it must be looked at by a Dr. 

Two hours later Thea and I come home with four staples in her head.  I'm thinking about the conversation with the lady I just had about bringing more children into my home.  

I check my e-mail for an information packet she is sending us to fill out and of course she writes "I hope your daughter is OK?"

I guess this couldn't have happened at any other time, huh?  

Seems the girls were playing with a new ball I bought them earlier in the day.  Thea decided to sit on it on the couch and then proceeded to bounce on it, then proceeded to bounce off the ball onto the coffee table.  Ouch!

More children, bring 'em on!

In all seriousness, we ask for your prayers.  Pray that a good "match" be made for us; for our family and for the children we hope to make part of our family.  Most of all, pray that God's will be done and that He be glorified!