Moab UT

Moab UT

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I love it too...

Fr. Justin just forwarded this blog site to me.  I would preface it, but it's better just to go there and read.

I think I know how he felt the first time he visited.  

After becoming disenchanted with Christianity, or rather the churches I was attending, or rather the form of worship and lack of tradition, I began a quest to find out what happened to the original Christian church.  I was constantly reminded and deeply saddened of the ongoing splintering of the Christian Churches and I was tired of listening to why this church was better than that one or this pastor was more exciting than the other.  I decided to do my own research to find out, more than anything else, what had, and was continuing, to happen to the Christian churches.  

I won't go into my conversion story right now, but suffice it to say that after doing research on the early church and christian history, reading my Bible,  and praying,  I found out that the early church was still in existence.  I had to visit. 

My first visit to an Orthodox Church was a Hierarchical Liturgy with our precious Vladyka Dmitri and it blew me away.  While some non-orthodox see a bunch of pomp and circumstance in the liturgy, I saw, and heard, theology.  Old and New Testament theology.  I saw reverence, humility, love, truth, tradition.  I smelled the incense.  I saw burning candles, ladies with their heads covered.  I heard the reader chanting the Psalter and the Epistle,  the priest reading the Gospel, the choir singing beautiful songs of worship and truth, the censer tinkling.  I saw beautiful iconography.   I heard children crying, chattering.  

It was rich and colorful.  It was humbling and glorious.  It was truth.  It was home and I never left.

As the pastor at this blog site says, I too "loved it, loved it, loved it."