Moab UT

Moab UT

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Papa and his garden

The unwritten rule around here is that Fr. Justin takes care of the vegetable beds and I take care of the flower beds.  Generally speaking, that is true.  However, I must confess that around about the end of August when I start looking at all the cooler places on the map we could live, I see my beloved out in the yard giving my sad little friends water.  Thanks Father.

Anyhow, I only plant perennials.  I don't have the time or energy to mess with annuals.  So, I really only have to go out in the spring, cut back the dead branches, do some mulching and watch my gardens bloom.  

Fr., on the other hand, has the hard part.  He has to prepare his beds, which here in Texas can require a lot of work, and then plant vegetables all year long.  He seems to really love it and I think it's one of the quiet places he can go.  The girls love to help him but they usually get sidetracked with other things to do and eventually he is left to dig alone-again.  

Here are a couple of pics of his beds this year.  He changed his beds around after reading the book "Square Foot Gardening".  We'll see if that works out better for him.  The beds look great and I can't wait to partake of the bounty.