Moab UT

Moab UT

Monday, March 30, 2009

An evening out

Sunday evening we went to a Russian Festival in Dallas hosted by the Russian American Center.  The director of the event was kind enough to give us free tickets, and we thought the girls would enjoy seeing the performance.  

The band was called Kristall Balalayka.  They are from Russia and are amazing.  Each of the band members played several different instruments and all of them have great voices.  The music ranged from beautiful russian ballads to very festive folk music.  They threw in a couple of American remakes that were...interesting.  The girls had a blast. 

Ever heard of a gusly, sopilka, okariny, zhaleyka or a rozhok?  Me either, but they sounded great!

Of course our favorite song of the night was "Katusha", since we have our very own Katusha in the house.   Thea swore she heard them singing a song titled "Thea".  Zoe didn't care what they played as long as they kept going.  She danced up and down the aisle.  

If you ever get the chance, check them out.