Moab UT

Moab UT

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Organization update

Well, if there was a time to start our new well organized life, it was not this week.  Fr. Justin took a trip to Holy Archangels' Monastery for a few days and left us girlies here to organize alone.  Hmm, does this sound suspicious to anyone else but me?  :)

Anyhow, I was a little disappointed (not at Fr. Justin, but just at not being able to dive into our new well organized lives).  You know, when you've got the new rearranged living room idea all set in your mind and your just waiting for your husband to get home so he can flip it all around for you?  Then he calls and says he has to work late.  

Anyhow, at first I thought I'd just wait until he returns (because this is a family affair mind you) and then I realized that I couldn't wait (a weakness).  So, we implemented a few things this week that have been really great.  It's amazing how just a few small things make a really big difference.  

For example, the girls now have to pick up their room twice a day.  It only takes a second, since they are doing it twice a day.  And you know, they haven't complained once!  Also, they now must put their shoes and coats away the minute they come in the door.  Some of the times I've enforced this rule and but more often than not I've let it slip.  It is so nice to have all coats and shoes out of the way all day long!  Also, before dinner, the girls have to help me clean the living room.  

When Fr. Justin called to check in with us today, I gave him the update on "Our new plan".   I told him things were moving slowly, but surely.  That I've decided that we should put a few things in place, make them work and then add more slowly.  

Our conversation reminded me of a discussion I had with Geronda Dositheus of Holy Archangles regarding changing  bad habits and sinful behavior.  He said the key is to start with one thing and work on it until you have overcome the sin or bad habit-or at least until you have control over it.  He said that if we wake up one day and say "I'm going to be a better person or mother," then this doesn't really help us.  He said by  praying and working daily  against a particular weakness will enable us to be mindful of it and to cry out to God when we feel we are struggling.  Then we can slowly begin to work on other things as we are able.  This was invaluable advice for me.  

So, I applied this wisdom to our lives this week and decided that since the girl's bedroom is a struggle for me (it's always messy with clothes and toys and we homeschool in their too), we should start there and get it functioning well, and then add on other chores after they've master a few responsibilities.

Of course  I must pray to keep a proper perspective here.  I am tempted to throw our lives into a whole new routine.  To have the girls wake up one morning to charts everywhere.  (I'm still not sure about that one.)  But I realize that I have to recognize my own weakness to want it all 'perfect' now!  It sounds really good, but I see chaos and failure in that plan.  

Like I said a couple of posts ago, I'm on the twenty year plan.