Moab UT

Moab UT

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A beautiful day!

Look who woke me up early this morning. They came in completely illumined, bearing waffles, eggs and coffee. (Thank you my love!!)

They were so excited.

Katherine bought me a Pascha CD and Thea bought me a new icon of St. Valentina (I wonder what led her to this saint?). We spent the morning singing Paschal hymns and making plans for the day. All three girls made me beautiful artwork.

Oh these gifts bring me such joy. Not because I had asked for any of these things (even though I love them!), but because they chose them of their own free will.

To see a love for Christ and His church growing in the heart of my children is the greatest gift I could have received. Thank you Lord, I pray that it will always be so!

My birthdays get better and better every year. Not because of the little things they do for me, but because I grow in appreciation and love for them every, single, day. They are my little joys.

I'll leave you with a poem Katherine wrote for me in honor of this day:

Bird's nest, man's given stars,
Light Jesus' might.
To father's joy,
Mother's love.
To them that live above,
Look with one great eye,
To look at the sun.
Oh what fun, great Mom!
I can make a vow,
That I will love you
All the days of my life.

Katherine, age 8