Moab UT

Moab UT

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The festivities continue

December 24th, Christmas eve, we spend the day decorating the church and and preparing food for the holy supper.  

The church looks beautiful and "Holy Supper" was wonderful.  Holy supper is an old Russian tradition of a lenten meal (since the fast is not broken until after liturgy on Christmas morning) served on Christmas eve.  There are twelve different foods that are supposed to be served, symbolic of the twelve apostles.  Other foods can and are brought also.  For more on this tradition go to:, click on traditions.

For our parish it is a wonderful opportunity for us all to sit and have a meal together, since everyone leaves after liturgy Christmas morning to be with their families.  
The kids are all running around excited that Nativity has arrived!  Now if they can just get to sleep!

Christmas morning!  
A beautiful liturgy is served for the glorious feast of the birth of our Saviour!  We all greet one another at church with the festive greeting CHRIST IS BORN!  GLORIFY HIM!

Fr. Justin, the girls and I hop in our van and head for my mom and dad's house for the day.  
We exchange gifts and have a wonderful meal and spend the day talking and dozing.  After a full day of excitement and one more round of food, stuffed and sleepy, we head home for bed.

The pics are of my niece and nephew with the girls.