Moab UT

Moab UT

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back tracking...

O.K., so I promised pics from Nativity and here they are.  But, I can't just throw the pics out there without a little explanation.  Especially since our Holiday was such a nice one with friends and family.  So, here it goes.  

December 23rd, Papa says we can now decorate the tree.  We have begun the custom of waiting to decorate the tree until a couple of days before Nativity.  It helps us to remain in the 'lenten' spirit until we break the fast on Nativity morning.  So, on Sunday, Fr. gives us the go-ahead and away we go.  The girls opened the decorations as if they were gifts themselves.  
They had a great time decorating and loved their new ornaments from Grandma and Grandpa Ocean.  

Fr. also starting his baking today.  So, the girls got to assist in making cookies.  The pics are of the the girls putting powdered sugar on the russian tea cookies and Katya and Thea in front of their finished tree in new dress up clothes from Grandma and Grandpa Dobbs .  

Someone forgot to tell Zoe that you powder the cookie, and put it in the container, NOT powder the cookie and eat it!