Moab UT

Moab UT

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New home

Well we are working away on our new/old home. We are getting closer, but closer is coming slowly.

I've had several ask about where we are with the renovations. I'm not going to post pictures, but I'll tell you that we have to finish the kitchen, finish painting some of the rooms and sand the floors. We will then be done. Well, you know, done enough to move in. I'm sure the trim will be off for a few years. lol!

Anyhow, this is what the girls do when we go "work". Katherine quickly starts a fire. Yes, Fr. taught her how to start a fire, with him watching. She then gets her books and stays in front of the fireplace. She is quick to help if we need her, but otherwise she finds her perch in front of the fire.

The other two do whatever strikes their fancy. They run around outside, color and occasionally help.

The fireplace has been so nice to have there. It warms the place quite nicely and just adds a homey feel.

I am excited to be getting near the end. It must have been God's will to buy this house (yes I've had my doubts). Even after all we've been through and all the time and money it's taken to do the job, I still love and and have peace about buying the house. Thankfully.