Moab UT

Moab UT

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Do you ever watch your children and wonder how they are able to physically do the things they do? You know, like the baby squat. Where little ones can squat and play for a really long time with their bums about an inch from the floor.

Zoe likes to watch the world from the top of her head, but this one is always in a pretzel-like state. I've seen her reading in awkward looking positions and even watch movies like this.

I took this picture today and then I had the thought of how our interior life is much like our exterior. When children are young they are so quick to forgive and forget wrongs committed against them. When you teach a child something they remember it so easily, they take it to heart and believe it to be true. They build their lives on those truths and yet they remain limber and always ready for new teachings. But as we get older and our bodies get stiffer, as do our minds and our hearts. We hold on to disagreements. We remember wrongs committed against us. It's painful to stretch...and humble ourselves to one another.

Oh that I could be so flexible in my body as my girls! I'm sure I could find it again. Lots of people do.

But I would really love to be that flexible and willing to bend in my spirit.