Moab UT

Moab UT

Thursday, April 22, 2010


When Thea was born someone made her a blanket that she has loved from the moment we laid it on her. From the moment she could talk she called her blanket La-la and to this very day the name remains-as well as her love for her cozy friend.

As you can imagine this blanket has traveled far and wide with us and we have only lost it once. It was a sad few days while we tracked it down and had our friends mail it home to us.

Every year when we take a vacation one of the first things on my list to take with us is...La-la.

So about a year ago I told Thea that it was time to start leaving La-la at home on our outings. I told her that it would be best not to bring it to church any longer. While La-la has brought hours of comfort to my little one, it has also been a partner in a little mischief as of late. As in, I've looked down in church to see Thea wrapping her blanket around one of her sisters to annoy them, I've seen it fly around to hit one of her sisters, etc.

Anyhow, after a period of leaving the blanket at home, Thea recently went through a phase where she really wanted her blanket with her in church again. Holding ground I said no and that it would be waiting for her upstairs when church was over. Reluctantly, Thea would put her blanket back in her room and head out the door. The other day when I announced that it was time to leave for Vespers this is what I saw.

Thea, determined to not be separated by her companion, used her blanket as her head covering. I was so impressed with her creativity that I almost let her wear it, but I didn't. I just smiled, told her I loved her head covering, asked her to put her blanket on her bed and get a scarf on and get downstairs. Her response? "But it's really big and beautiful, just like the Feotokos' (Theotokos) head covering!"