Moab UT

Moab UT

Thursday, April 22, 2010

B is for Basil

We've been having a great time following the Letters of Grace curriculum. We've eased in to it slowly and it has incorporated very nicely with some other things I want to do with the girls.

The girls have really enjoyed studying about the Saints for the week. I've enjoyed the easy Science lessons-among other things. ;)

I would love to purchase all the Orthodox books the ladies have compiled for the weekly studies, but it's not in our budget right now. Thankfully I've been able to just Google the Saints and have found a nice selection of stories to read on the internet. I pull up a picture of the Saint on my computer, provided by the Letters of Grace website, and the girls go to work coloring and drawing their own pictures of the saints. It's worked great.

Also, last week I hadn't made it to the library to pick up all the books for the week A. I told the girls to go to their book shelf and pull five books each in which the subject matter started with the letter A. Mission accomplished. I want to go through and alphabetize the girl's library but just haven't found the time as of yet. Hmm, perhaps they should work on that project for me.

This week we've focused on the letter B. Today we planted some Basil along with lots of other seeds. I'm hoping we're not too late to get a nice garden going down the street.

Little Zoe is under the weather this week. As Thea said, "Zoe is feeling b-b-bad".

Blessed week to you all!