Moab UT

Moab UT

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Playroom conversation

Zoe, with voice elevated:  "Fea (Thea)!  I need a handkerchief!  Please get me one!"

Thea:  "OK, hold on!"  Thea runs by me announcing what her plan is.

Zoe: "I can't get it out!"

Thea:  "Just blow really hard!"

Zoe:  "Fea help!"

At this point I was already on my way to help Zoe with her obstinate obstruction.  

I put the handkerchief in front of her nose and say "blow!"  Zoe says "I can't, it won't come out!"

I take a moment to look in her nose to see exactly what the problem is and I'm faced with a black object that looks nothing like the stuff we normally blow out.  I squeeze from the top of her nose  and move forward and out pops part of a crayon, that had been shoved all the way up into her nose!  

Zoe:  Nonchalantly says, "Fanks mommy"
Me:  "Fanks mommy!?!?"  (Thea, on the other hand is horrified that we are: #1.  doing a nose extraction and #2. that it's not what normally comes out.  I kid you not she was backed away at least 3 feet so as not to get slimed in case it truly was as big as it seemed.)
Me:  "Zoe, honey, please do not put things in your nose ever again!!!"  
Zoe: "Sure mommy."

Yes, this one keeps me praying.