Moab UT

Moab UT

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just call me Alice

Have you ever felt like life was a dream?  Like, things were surreal and moving really fast or really slow, or both?  Have you ever wondered when exactly you fell down the hole, and why some things make no sense what so ever and why other things that should be going along at a nice pace no longer are? 

For the about the last couple of weeks things have gotten a little wacky around here.  Fr. Justin and I got the keys from our renters on the 1st and had a our first real look around our new home.  When I find the right words to describe the house in addition to the ones that I've already used to death, such as:  disgusting, flea bag, roach motel, uninhabitable, I'll describe it to you and maybe share a few pictures.  I'm trying to find more positive words to use these days.

Our young men, however many that were living there, essentially just packed up a couple of their favorite items, and left.  Yep, they just walked right out the door and left us with an entire house full of...stuff.  

So, Fr. and I spent last week moving them out.  (Did I happen to mention that last week was the first week of school for us?)  After the first couple of days of walking around and dreaming about how great the house was going to be, we spent the rest of the week wondering what the heck we had just got ourselves in to.  We spent the time asking ourselves if it is a genetic malfunction when people, such as ourselves, want to buy falling down homes and make them livable again.  (Be kind, dear friends, if you plan to comment on this question).

By the end of the week and several trips to the dump as well as a load to the thrift store, we began to talk about the work involved in making our new home habitable.  We've gone from gutting two bathrooms and a kitchen, new cabinets, new awesome 6 burner stove, moving the water heater, sanding the hardwood floors and painting, down to gutting one bathroom.  The rest is looking better every day. 

Yesterday we had our Labor day picnic here at the church.  It was another wonderful day of fellowship with our own parishoners,  those from surrounding churches, and visitors.  However, I would find myself having a wonderful conversation with someone and then all of a sudden drift into thoughts of the bathroom in our new home.  Should we gut both or just one right now?  Should we move the hot water heater now, or wait until later?  It was like a mosquito that followed me around all day.

Last night Thea woke up after having a nightmare.  I lifted her into bed with us and snuggled up to her.  She started snoring immediately, but I began thinking about flooring, tile, counter top material.  I immediately grabbed my prayer rope and entreated the Lord to save me from the insanity!  

In all seriousness, the house really is, well, could be, nice.  We met with a GC today to get some words of wisdom and perhaps a little help.  Fr. and I were thinking it would take a little over a month to get in.  He said we'd be lucky to get in by Christmas.  Bummer.

We met with a fence guy today to talk about getting the yard fenced in.  His estimate is about what we have to spend on the house.  Double bummer.

Soooo, we'll be spending the next couple of months working on our new little chateau.  It's gonna be a challenge.  We plan to bless the house and hang icons there tomorrow.  We'll need your prayers.   

It's funny though, as overwhelmed as I feel right now with the house and everything else that I'm trying to keep going in one direction, I'm still loving our little house down the way.  It's pretty cute, well, could be, maybe will be, cute...some day.  

I still feel that the house was a blessing.  We prayed, we entreated, we waited and God provided.  We are thankful for our little casa.  Perhaps this house is just what we needed to help us pray a little more.  To cultivate some much needed patience (on my part).  So many opportunities for perfection in this life of ours.  Thanks be to God.

Now, if I can just figure out how to work homeschooling into gutting a bathroom I'll be in business.  

Oh, and most importantly, S Pradznikom!  A joyous feast of the nativity of the Theotokos to you all!    A most blessed day this is!