Moab UT

Moab UT

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bath time discussion with the resident Dr.

For some reason bath time discussion is always interesting with my girls. Perhaps it's because it is the end of the day and they have all these questions from the happenings of their day. Who can say?

A few weeks ago Katya, Thea and I watched the Nativity Story that came out a couple of years ago. Thea faded out toward the end, but Katya really loved the story. She especially loved the childbirth scenes of Mary and Elizabeth. Both scenes were not graphic, just a little intense due to the pain of childbirth. As you can imagine, Katya has had many, many questions about childbirth since then.

For example, when Mary and Elizabeth cried during childbirth, Katherine wanted to know why they were crying. I said they were tears of joy.

I will say that Katherine is really interested in things medical-and always has been. Just today she asked if there were homeschooling books that taught about the inside of our body. "Like blood and stuff".

When I was pregnant with Zoe, Katya would go to the Dr. with me and would always beg them to give me a shot or do some procedure so that she could watch.

She has also asked for a microscope. A MICROSCOPE! How about a Polly Pocket!!

I said that Papa was the Science teacher and she should talk with him...

OK, back to bath time: So, Katherine says: "Mom, when you deliver a baby, does it hurt?"

M: "Yes, it hurts"
K: "A little bit or a whole bunch?"
M: "Well, some of the times both"
K: "So, what are you saying? What does it feel like?"
M: "Umm, well sort of like you are pooping"
K: "Oh. Well, does it feel like are really big poop like (and she yells) yeeeoowww!!!! Or, does it feel like a poop like, oh, that kind of hurt."
M: "Well, some of the times both"

I am thinking that Katherine may be headed to medical school. I pray not.

I am also thinking that should God give us anymore children I will let Katherine watch the delivery. Both Fr. and I think she would love it.