Moab UT

Moab UT

Friday, October 5, 2007

Only the child of an Orthodox Priest...

Our Bishop is coming to visit this Sunday and Katya is going to present him with flowers. (In the Orthodox Church, it is customary for a young girl to greet the Bishop and present him with flowers upon arrival.) This will be a first for Katherine, as she has always been too shy.

Anyhow, I asked Katherine if she was sure she wanted to present the flowers, since last time she was shy. She said yes and then asked what it meant to be shy. I gave her a definition and then added, "you know when you hide behind my skirt when you don't know people, well that's being shy". Katherine quickly added "or when you hide behind your papa's skirt".

After I had a good laugh, I said "yes, or behind your papa's CASSOCK".

For those of you who are thinking "huh?" In the Orthodox tradition, the priests wear cassocks, which are long black robes-or according to some little five year olds a "skirt". :)