Moab UT

Moab UT

Friday, March 26, 2010

Holy Week

Today is the last day we will homeschool for two weeks. We will spend next week attending services, baking, reading the Bible and illustrating the week through different mediums. We are ready for the break and look forward to the services leading up to Pascha.

I'll make my shopping list for Pascha this weekend and try to make those purchases Monday morning so that I can focus solely on Holy week with the girls. I will also begin my lenten cleaning. I'll try and spend one day on each room with a day devoted to going through the girls clothes and reorganizing them for summer.

Fr.'s very busy schedule as a priest and general contractor has the girls a bit out of sorts these days. We will be finished with the apartment by the end of Bright Week (our tenants are moving in on the 10th!!). A break will be in order at that point so that my poor husband can have some time away from his hammer and hopefully find inspiration to pick it back up and work on our house-at some point. Please, keep us in your prayers!

I encourage each of you to enter as fully into the liturgical life of the church as much as you possibly can this next week. Even if you think you can't, try anyway. The services are extraordinarily beautiful and help us enter more fully into the great feast of Pascha. Yes, they are exhausting and time consuming but so very worth it. Set aside all earthly cares for a week. As Mother Susanna used to tell me, with a loving smile: "It'll (the world) will be fine without you".

A blessed Holy Week to you all!