Moab UT

Moab UT

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New ladies in town

No, I'm not talking about the three grinning chicks leaning against the fence.  I'm talking about the feathery one's inside.  

We have been wanting to get chickens for a long time and we finally got them.  We would probably still be wanting them, however, some parishoners who have quite a few chickens offered to help us get set up.  We said yes and within two days they showed up with six chickens and the makings for a coop.  We dropped what we were doing and within a few hours we were watching our little ladies scratch around and eat bugs inside their fancy new digs.  

Of course, the girls named the chickens.  Three of them are red, so the girls said they are triplets and should all be called Elizabeth.  That makes things simple.  One's name is Emily, one is Penny and the bossy one is called Queeny Poo.  

They laid one egg a day for three days and then no more.  We are wondering if the cold snap has shut down production.  Any ideas?

Next on the agenda are goats, rabbits and more chickens.  We want a rooster but we live in the city and are wondering if they are going to be too noisy.  

I love them.  I can't wait to get a taller fence around their back yard area so they can roam.  

I need a farm...