Moab UT

Moab UT

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mama, I'm gonna be a cowgirl.

For several years now Katherine has aspired to be a cowgirl.  I'm not quite sure how this whole dream started but I think it was confirmed in her heart when Grandma and Grandpa Ocean gave she and Thea horse riding lessons last Thanksgiving.  

On our most recent visit to the N.W., they gave Katherine private lessons with one of the cowgirls on the ranch by their house  (Thea was too young).  

Katherine now talks non stop about horses and has already asked for a horse and cowboy boots.  I can probably come up with the boots, the horse may be a little more difficult.  

The pics are of Katherine at her lessons.  When we went to watch Katherine ride, Grandpa (in the background) allowed Thea to take a few turns.  

Well, it's a good thing we live in horse country.  Maybe I can find someone who wants to give Katherine riding lessons once a week.